30 June, 2008

Am I Done Or Not?

I finished my pals knitted item, and then made her another one. I've been going through the things I have for her package. I thought I was done, but maybe not. I read her blog this morning and now I have a bunch of ideas for more stuff to tuck in there. Decisions, decisions...

25 June, 2008

Knitting Spell Mastered

I think I have finally mastered a knitting spell for a knitted surprise for Ophelia. I'm sure it's not what she will be expecting, but I think that will be good. I'm working on getting all the little details for her package ready for my owl to deliver. I do hope he makes the trip alright, he will be flying to someplace terribly hot. I'm sure Ophelia will perk him back up before sending him off to fly home.

I really must get working on my mini sock for my Slytherin mini swap pal. I still have to pick the yarn... I do have some treats for her though!

Why Harry, Ron and Hermione in Hagids giant pumpkin patch? Just because I like it. The huge pumpkins are awesome, I love Hagrid, and POA is my favorite of the books and movies. I thought the post deserved a picture.

19 June, 2008

Quidditch Round 2 HSKS5

Quidditch time again! Here are the photos for the scavenger hunt and the answers to the quiz. Now for Slytherin to catch the snitch!

Kingsley Shacklebolt Bellatrix LeStrange
Nymphadora Tonks
Remus Lupin

1. At the beginning of the year feast, who is the only person who rudely interrupts Dumbledore during his speech?
a. Professor Snape
b. Professor Umbridge
c. Hagrid
d. Harry Potter

2. Off what street is the alley where Harry first met Sirius?
a. Diagon Alley
b. Little Whinging
c. Magnolia Crescent
d. Privet Drive

3. Tonks’ mother had two sisters, both pure-bloods, and both left on the Black Family Tree. What are their names?
a. Elladora and Meliflua
b. Bellatrix and Elladora
c. Narcissa and Bellatrix
d. Meliflua and Narcissa

4. What spell are the students studying in McGonalgall’s class when Umbrdige is doing her inspection?
a. The Acquiring Spell
b. The Shrinking Spell
c. The Demolishing Spell
d. The Vanishing Spell

5. Who comes to warn Harry and the rest of Dumbledore’s Army that Umbridge and her group of followers are coming to break up their meeting?
Answer: __________Dobby_____________

6. Who are the members of the Order that met Harry Potter in the Dursely’s house during the summer before his fifth year?
a. Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Alastor Moody, Sturgis Podmore, Dedalus Diggle, Hestia Jones, Elphias Doge, Nymphadora Tonks, Mundungus Fletcher
b. Alastor Moody, Albus Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Nymphadora Tonks, Dedalus Diggle, Sturgis Podmore, Emmeline Vance
c. Alastor Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Elphias Doge, Dedalus Diggle, Remus Lupin, Emmeline Vance, Sturgis Podmore, Hestia Jones
d. Remus Lupin, Alastor Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, Sirius Black, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Elphias Doge, Dedalus Diggle, Sturgis Podmore, Hestia Jones

7. Moody used the Disillusionment Charm on Harry.
a. Yes
b. No

8. Which of these Death Eaters is Sirius related to?
a. Lucius Malfoy
b. Bellatrix Lestrange
c. Regulus Black
d. All of these

9. At what age did Sirius leave his home?
Answer: _____16______________

10. How many of the original Order members were killed (don’t include those who disappeared)?
a. 9
b. 8
c. 6
d. 10
Mischief managed! I'm quite proud of myself, I knew all of the answers but one right away so I only had to get out the book and look one up. Was I ever surprised!

17 June, 2008

Need A New Spell

I have frogged the project I started for my parnter. I'll have to go digging through my spell books to find another idea. I hope it doesn't take me too long to figure it out!

12 June, 2008

I Started

I finally got started on my project fo rmy swap partner yesterday. I don't know if I like it, so I might end up starting over or doing something totally different. Perhaps I'll discover what I'm supposed to do in Divination, I'll go read some tea leaves or something.

09 June, 2008


Homework for Professor Hagrid. The Slytherins and Hufflepuffs have care of Magical Creatures together this term. So far it's gone rather well, no trips to the hospital wing anyway. We're supposed to write six inches on a magical creature we have spent time with, or one we would like to spend time with and why. Here's my creature:

The Kneazle

My great grandmother Broomtwigs had a kneazle. I don't know how long kneazles are supposed to live, but I think he was old when I met him and he's still alive and prowling about. Orion kept my great grandmother company for many years, poor thing he had to put up with Muggles thinking he was an ordinary cat all the time. Now Orion lives with my family. His favorite spot is in my knitting basket, where he can see both the front and back doors. Kneazles are funny that way, always wanting to know what's going on. He has been known to bite at the ankles and tear the pants of door to door salesman. Such a sweet boy. Oddly enough Orion has no interest in the men in the family, he ignores them and would be perfectly happy without them around. He has always been close to the women, and has been terribly useful to us, as well as loyal. He's caught a thief under an invisibility cloak, and digs his claws into the back of those who are lying. He does have one talent that is rather peculiar, even in Kneazles who are terribly smart. I am the only witch in the family who knits. Orion has the ability to detect when I have made a mistake in my work, he sits on my lap and bites my yarn to let me know. He has saved many socks and jumpers from the frog pond. Perhaps he has learned about knitting to have me avoid the frog pond. He eats them every chance he gets and probably would prefer I didn't know about it.

05 June, 2008

Ugh- homework

The Hufflepuffs and Slytherins have been taking Care of Magical Creatures together this year, so this assignment is for both Houses to complete.
Professor Hagrid has asked for 6 inches of parchment (say 200 words) about a personal experience you've had with a magical creature (outside of Hogwarts), or about the magical creature you'd most like to have as a pet. Of course if you chose the latter option, you should write about why you'd like to have such a creature as a pet, but also the potential problems of domesticating that magical creature.A listing of Magical Creatures can be found in your textbook, Fantastic

Yuck, I hate writing reports. I wonder whose idea this really was because I know Professor Hagrid would never assign this on his own.

So I guess I'll get to thinking about what to write about, but I really don't want to. I far prefer the other homework assignments we've had so far this term.

03 June, 2008

Need to get to work

I have everything for my swap partners package. All of the delivery owls have arrived. They even all made it off again without being fed any Weasley products by my own owl, who seems to have a thing for them now. She's definitely a Slytherin-y owl:)
All I have to do for my partners package is to make her something. She says she doesn't care what kind of something. I have no idea what I'm going to do, but I'm sure I'll some up with something. Perhaps a trip to the library is in order...