07 July, 2008

Holy Hippogriffs!

I got my amazing, awesome, extra supercool package from Patonga. Holy hippogriffs did she ever out do herself! Best kit nominations are in order!

See, I was good. I took pictures before I tore it apart. In the box.
Fresh out of the box- still wrapped up.
Everything out for you to see. Check out the Blood Pops and Chocolate Frogs! I will share them with my underage wizards. I can never find any Honeydukes sweets in my Muggle village.
The best knitting bag ever! The fabric is really cool knitting fabric. The whole bag is great, I can fit loads of stuff in it and it's so well made. I love it!
Will you look at that. Two sets of Knit Picks Harmony dpns- yay! A handturned wpi tool in a really lovely wood, some great owl stitch markers that Patonga made, 4 oz of Maine Woods wool blend roving in perfect Slytherin-y colors. Of course the best part- the yarn. Made by Patonga herself. I love her yarn!
The Merope sock pattern. Could she have picked a more perfect one for a Slytherin? It will be great in the yarn she sent me. There is a really cute owl pendant on top of my very own Defense Against The Dark Arts notebook! The book is so awesome, once again the perfect choice. And see that awesome green spotted coffee mug? It's handmade! It's also a really great size for my hands to hold, and the spots are great. Patonga has been spying on me- she knows I have coffee or cocoa every morning!
Close up of the most perfect Slytherin sock yarn ever! With the owl stitch markers.
Wow, did I ever get spoiled. What an amazing, thoughtful, amazing, perfect, amazing package. Thank you so much Patonga. You took such time and care putting this together I hardly know what to say. I truly love everything. I am a very lucky witch to have had you as my partner. Thank you very much.


Calliope said...

the stitchmarkers are adorable! And the yarn and roving - those are great colors. :D

Lizzie Wychwood said...

What a super package, perfect for a Slytherin, and I love that bag, especially the suggested breaks for a cup of tea!

Patonga Pinkstone said...

I am so glad you like it!